Our Mission

Advanced virtual reality technology will revolutionize treatment concepts for many diseases. By immersing patients in photorealistic, interactive and fully customizable environments, virtual reality therapy can:

-- maximise the quality and availablity of therapeutic services --

-- improve the therapeutic experience for patients --

-- reduce costs for the public health sector --

We strive to combine the very best virtual environment design with validated treatment paradigms to unleash the exciting potential of VR. 


VR Experiences

We develop cutting-edge software products for medical applications, exploiting the latest developments in virtual reality technology (e.g. motion/eye tracking, haptic feedback, avatar simulation). Our highly interactive scenarios provide maximum immersion into therapeutic settings to improve the treatment of various diseases, including neurological and psychiatric disorders.

All our products have been validated in scientific studies and are developed in close cooperation with renowned medical institutions.

Treatment Setups

Depending on the application, our products will be available either to therapists or directly to patients (e.g. stress relief). 

Our real-time, data-driven analyses of the VR experience allow for continuously optimising the therapeutic process. To enhance user experience, our environments can be used both with head-mounted-devices (e.g. HTC Vive, Oculus Rift) and with 2D screens.

We also advise customers on what hardware setups are optimally suited to meet their therapeutic needs.

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