The Team

Johannes Achtzehn

Clinical Research | Software Development

Johannes is fascinated by the human mind and advanced imaging technologies to study it. He is currently a medical doctor in training with a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering. For the past 4 years, he developed Neuroscientific research paradigms at Thomas’ Aging & Cognition Research Group.

He supports neomento with his interdisciplinary expertise by bridging the gap between the technical and medical realms.

Jens Klaubert

Business Development

During his studies at universities in Germany and Poland Jens specialized in Management and Entrepreneurship. He brings in many years of management consulting experience as well as knowledge in terms of company building and project management. In his consulting projects he mainly worked on strategic IT projects for international firms.

Jens is responsible for the strategic development of neomento and covers all business related topics, such as finance, HR and sales.

Dr. Adam Streck

Software Development

Adam holds a PhD in bioinformatics, with focus on modelling and simulation and has a passion for creative coding and digital media. Over the years he developed multiple products for virtual and augmented reality using various technologies and devices.

Adam is responsible for the creation of the product.