neomento SAD


neomento social anxiety suite is an innovative solution for digitally assisted treatment of social anxiety. Our solution empowers the therapist to conduct exposure therapy within the safe space of a clinic.

Our virtual reality solution allows to conduct full exposure therapy in virtuo. Our environments are suited to the various needs and stress sources of the patients and provide sufficient variety over multiple sessions with a single patient. The progress and outcome of the sessions is recorded and understandably visualized.

Virtual Environments

We provide a suite of different social situations to accommodate the needs of individual patients.
  • Variety in locations and required social interactions - giving a presentation, ordering at a restaurant, etc.
  • Live, active environments with controllable elements.
  • High quality rendered graphics.

Virtual Characters

We have hand-crafted a wide variety of characters that react and interact with the user.
  • 40+ high-def virtual characters.
  • Wide variety of dialogues and interaction options with hour of pre-recorded speech clips.
  • Motion-captured animations and actions.


We use real-time physiological data to influence the virtual environment in real-time.
  • Live tracking of heart rate, galvanic skin response, eye movements.
  • Biofeedback therapy.
  • Real-time visualizations.


The system collects all the actions and data to allow an objective diagnose over multiple sessions.
  • Visualization of the session progress.
  • Comparisons and evaluation of the overall progress.
  • Print-outs for the patients.